Padilla Announces for Illinois House

Jul 24, 2019

Joan Padilla at the American Legion Hall in East Moline
Credit WVIK News

It looks like there'll be a re-match in northwestern Illinois next year for a seat in the state house. On Wednesday, Democrat Joan Padilla from Sterling announced her candidacy in the 71st District to run again against Republican Tony McCombie from Savanna.

During her first term, Padilla says McCombie voted "no" on several key bills, including the capital bill.

"It's going to create hundreds of new jobs and jobs that pay a very good wage. It's a plan that invests tens of millions of dollars in economic development going toward much-needed roads, bridges, and statewide broadband."

McCombie also voted against raising the minimum wage, and against the state budget, that Padilla says includes new money for education, social services, and public safety.

She plans to host a series of meetings around the district in the coming months, asking people how to grow the economy of the region.

Padilla is the executive director of the Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center in Dixon, Illinois.  

McCombie won the 71st District seat last fall by a margin of 59 to 41 per cent.