Noise at Night from I-74 Project Will Not Last All Construction Season

Apr 10, 2019

(This story was broadcast on 4/8/2019. See below for an update.)

Some people who live near I-74 and 7th Avenue are having trouble sleeping because of work on the bridge project.

Michelle O'Neill has more on the source of the late night noise and when it'll end.

Moline's city engineer says the noise of jackhammers in that part of the city will end in a couple of weeks when Kraemer North America is finished tearing down the Iowa-bound, 7th Avenue overpass. 

View of I-74 from Kirby's window
Credit Kara Kirby / Moline resident

Kara Kirby lives two blocks from the intersection and says, on the night of Monday, April First, the loud noise kept her up well past midnight.

Over the last three years, she and her neighbors got used to road construction noise during the day.

Kirby understands the contractor is working on a very tight schedule, and she's grateful they're working so hard. But she just wants to know how long she'll have to put up with the late night noise, wear earplugs at night.

Moline's nuisance ordinance requires loud construction noise to end by 9 P.M. But late last month, City Engineer, Scott Hinton, says aldermen approved Kraemer's request for a three-week variance to work late into the night.

That way the demolition isn't causing more traffic congestion during the day.

Hinton says the city and I-74 bridge project team are very grateful to Kirby and her neighbors for their patience and understanding.