No Change in BHC Tuition

Feb 23, 2018

After increasing for several years in a row, tuition at Black Hawk College will stay the same next year. Thursday night the board of trustees approved a staff recommendation to keep the in-district rate at 149 dollars per credit hour.

Chief Financial Officer, Steve Frommelt, says this follows a 2 dollar increase a year ago, and that followed tuition hikes of 12 and 15 dollars due to the state budget impasse.

"And it's important we continue to maintain a low cost, high quality education. We believe we can continue to do so in fiscal 19 with keeping the tuition at the same rate."

Four years ago, tuition at Black Hawk was just 120 dollars per credit hour . 

Frommelt says no major spending cuts will be necessary as a result of holding the line on tuition.