Next 3 Months Should Be Warmer & Wetter

Apr 3, 2020

March was a little bit warmer and wetter than usual, and that's what we can expect for the next three months, too. 

Screenshot of March weather statistics
Credit National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

Peter Speck, Meteorologist from the local National Weather Service, says on average, the temperature in the Quad Cities last month was nearly four degrees higher than normal.

And we got 3.5 inches of rain, 0.65 in. more than usual, on average.

Speck says we got 4.2 inches of snow in March, which is slightly higher than normal. 

For the next three months, Speck says we can expect the same. Temperatures and precipitation are forecast to be above normal for April, May, and June. 

Screenshot of Mississippi River Flooding graphic
Credit / National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

He expects more melted snow from the north to affect flooding on the Mississippi River, but not as much as in March.

In the Quad Cities, the river is forecast to rise to about two feet above flood stage in about a week. Currently, it's about one foot above flood stage. For more information, check HERE and/or HERE

For the end of this week, Speck says a front will bring a chance of rain Friday and cooler temperatures.