New Name for Clinton Stadium

Jun 3, 2019

Credit Clinton Lumber Kings

Some new signs will soon go up at the minor league baseball stadium in Clinton. Last week, the Lumber Kings announced it's now called "NelsonCorp Field," thanks to a new naming rights deal with NelsonCorp Wealth Management.

Team spokesman Eric Oas says it's a partnership of two well-known names in the Clinton area.

"The Lumber Kings have been in business since 1937 when the park had opened and NelsonCorp is, I forget the exact year, but a similar long-term commitment to the Clinton area. So it made a lot of sense from that perspective and hopefully isn't too unfamilar to our fans here."

The naming rights agreement is for three years.

Oas says the stadium was called Ashford University Field for three years, but that agreement expired in December. And since then it's just been Lumber Kings Stadium until the new agreement with NelsonCorp.