New Home for SAU College of Business

Mar 18, 2019

a drawing of what McMullen Hall at St. Ambrose University will look like when the work is done.
Credit St. Ambrose University

A major remodeling project has started at St. Ambrose University in Davenport. McMullen Hall is being renovated and expanded, and will become the new home of the College of Business.

Vice President for Enrollment, James Loftus, says McMullen Hall opened in 1940, and mainly served as the campus library until 1995. Currently the College of Business is spread out in another campus building, Ambrose Hall.

"Offices are dispersed across that building and we just believe strongly that bringing together the faculty, staff, and the students will just be a great addition to the university."

The College of Business now offers eight undergraduate and four graduate degree programs, with about 1,000 students - nearly one-third of the university's total enrollment.

The 8.3 million dollar project will include renovating 38,000 square feet of space in McMullen Hall, and adding 15,600 square feet - with new classrooms, new labs, a large lecture hall, and a student commons area.

It should be completed in the summer of next year.