New Director at Augustana Library

Jul 30, 2018

Dr. Chris Schafer
Credit WVIK News

A new director has taken over at the Thomas Tredway Library at Augustana College. Monday was the first day on the job for Doctor Chris Schafer, following the retirement of Carla Tracy. 

Schafer graduated from Luther College, and at one time served as library director at Wartburg College. She comes to the Quad Cities from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota - which mainly serves commuter and non-traditional students. 

"An institution where there's just not a great feel of togetherness and family, and being a student body along with faculty and staff all together as a big team."

At Augustana, she says the budget will be one of her main priorities.

"Normally library budgets, even in public libraries, are stagnant or declining whereas the resource costs are going up. And so how do we measure how effective what we're purchasing is in reaching and helping our clients. 

Her previous jobs also included South Dakota State University and a community and technical college in southwest Minnesota.