New Contract at BHC

Apr 3, 2018

After one year of negotiations, and a threatened strike, faculty, technical, and professional employees of Black Hawk College have a new contract. The four year agreement was ratified Monday by employees, and then approved unanimously Monday night by the board of trustees.

Union spokesman Acie Earl says in the first year they will receive a pay increase of 750 dollars, and an 1,100 dollar increase next year. Their pay will go up 2.9 per cent in the following year, and by 3 per cent in the final year. 

"We certainly want to be as competitive as possible which meant we certainly did not want to fall back. And this would at least kind of maintain us in terms of the competitive position."

The cost of health insurance will increase 16 per cent from current levels for the first two years, and then increase again in the 3rd and 4th years. 

The 160 faculty, professional, and technical employees of Black Hawk College are members of Local 1836 of the Illinois Federation of Teachers