New Apartments Planned for Downtown Moline

Feb 6, 2018

what the lot looks like now approaching from the west.
Credit City of Moline

Some new apartments are being planned for downtown Moline. Tuesday night, the city council will discuss a proposal to re-develop a half-block - between 13th and 14th Streets, and from 6th Avenue to an alley.

Shawn Larson would like to build 22, town home style apartments facing 6th Avenue. and Shawn Christ, the city's Land Development Manager, says the site is right at the "transition" from the downtown business district to a residential neighborhood.

"The higher density apartments, I think, fit in pretty well and it seems to be consistent with our downtown plan. And we worked real hard with the developer to come up with a design that we thought didn't look too suburban, if you will, that it looks more appropriate for a downtown area."

Moline city staff are recommending approval, and the city's Plan Commission recommends approval of the zoning changes needed for the project.