National Recognition for Moline Library

Jul 24, 2020

The Moline library has been honored for its work with people with disabilities. This week it received an award from the American Library Association - the only award winner in this category in North America.

Spokeswoman Kelly Giovanine says the library has made a special effort in recent years, starting with organizing a reading and education book club for adults with disabilities.

"Developmentally these folks that we are serving are at maybe a 10 to 12 year old reading level or at least understanding level and we wanted to make sure we had some books that we could read with them that were a little bit more adult, because these are adults, but readable at more of a children's level."

Each month clients of the ARC of the Quad Cities read several chapters and then go to the library to read them again and discuss them. One recent selection was "Charlotte's Web."

She says the Moline Library has also hosted an art program with Quad City Arts, and offers sensory kits when people visit the library.

 "So there's stress balls, noise cancelling headphones, weighted scarves - all those kind of things just geared at making their trip to library more comfortable."

The award also includes 1,000 dollars for the library to support this and other programs in the community.