More Women Running for Office in Iowa

Jul 3, 2018

Women did well in last month's Iowa primary election, but still have a long way to go to reach parity with men, holding state and local offices. 99 women were on the ballot, and 85 won and will advance to the general election.

That's good news for former Bettendorf State Senator Maggie Tinsman, co-chair of a group called 50-50 in 20-20. Their goal is for women to hold at least half the elected offices in Iowa, in time for the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage.

"Often women say 'oh well, it's a man's world.' Well this time it looks like women won in a bigger percentage than men."

But currently, women hold just one-fifth of the seats in the Iowa legislature - comparable she says to Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Tinsman, with 5050 Executive Director Mary Ellen Miller, at a recent workshop giving door knocking advice to the participants.
Credit 5050 in 2020

Tinsman and her group are also urging candidates to be "civil" during this year's campaign.

"Now you have to tell how you're different from your opponent on the issues, but you don't make personal attacks like you did in junior high or middle school. And you don't define your opponent with derogatory labels and slogans, and demonize your opponent."

50-50 in 20-20 was formed in 2010, to be non-partisan, and to recruit, train, and mentor women candidates.