Monmouth College Lights A Candle

Mar 25, 2019

Monmouth College has gone public with its 'Light This Candle' fundraising campaign. The goal is at least 75 million dollars by the end of 2022.

The money from the campaign will add to the college's endowment. President Clarence Wyatt says a bigger endowment means more financial aid for students, more support for staff, improvements to the college's buildings, and a strong fundraising culture going forward.

Credit Monmouth College

"There's a real momentum at the college right now that the campaign both benefits from and captures," said Wyatt. "We're just very gratified and satisfied at all the progress we've made thus far, and all the things we're going to acomplish."

The campaign is already running ahead of schedule. The major gifts phase of the campaign brought in around 45 million dollars and Wyatt says that came seven months earlier than expected. 

Monmouth College is already seeing the benefits of the 'Light This Candle' campaign, because work has started on renovating student housing.