Moline Wants to Build More Bike Paths

Feb 25, 2020

the bike lane symbol in Moline
Credit City of Moline

With help from the state, Moline might expand its network of bike paths. Tuesday night the city council will consider applying for a grant from the Illinois DNR.

City Planner Jeff Anderson says it would help pay for building a two-way, separated concrete bike path, along 7th Street, from 52nd Avenue to the main entrance of the Unity Point medical campus - a distance of nearly 1,300 feet. 

And that would connect with the 52nd Avenue Trail, which now goes from the West Rock River Bridge, east to 27th Street behind SouthPark Mall.

"So you start connecting these links and it begins to connect a lot of neighborhoods, commercial areas, and medical centers - kind of adding to the multi-modal network of the community."

Anderson says the proposed project would cost 436,000 dollars - with 200,000 dollars coming from the state, and the rest from the city.

Already scheduled for construction this year, nearby, is a bike path along 36th Avenue, extending east from 7th Street.