Moline Studies Recreational Cannabis

Sep 18, 2019

Should the city of Moline allow the sale of recreational cannabis when it becomes legal in Illinois next year ? To help answer that question, the city has issued a "request for information."

City Administrator Lisa Kotter says the law will allow local governments to ban or limit cannabis businesses, including rules on the location, the type of business where consumption would be allowed, and the number of cannabis outlets.

"The mayor would like to understand and have the council understand more about what potential businesses might be thinking about coming to Moline in this new industry state law is allowing - what people in the business might be willing to do in Moline."

The city wants responses by early next month (Oct. 4) so the city council can begin its discussions. Kotter says that will probably include talking with city officials in Colorado and other states where recreational cannabis is already legal. 

The new Illinois law also allows local governments to impose a sales tax on these businesses of up to 3 per cent.