Moline & Rock Island Work with Arsenal Island to Pick Up Garbage & Recycling

Mar 28, 2019

The Rock Island Arsenal Garrison is no longer picking up trash from homes on the island.

Michelle O'Neill reports that's because the garrison hired the cities of Moline and Rock Island to do it instead.

Public works & garrison employees talk after the press conference.
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

On Thursday morning on Arsenal Island, Garrison Commander, Colonel Stephen Marr, signed an Intergovernmental Support Agreement along with Moline Mayor Stephanie Acri and Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms.

It'll save the garrison will save about $18,000 per year, and add other services such as bulky item pickup and hazardous materials disposal. And the cities will gain revenue from the long term contract.

Employees of the garrison, Rock Island, and Moline continue to look for other ways to collaborate. Garrison planner, Jon Ramsdell, says Rock Island took over sewer service to the island a couple of years ago. But providing water would be more complicated since the cities' water lines are not connected to Arsenal Island.

Garbage day on Arsenal Island will be on Tuesdays, and Rock Island public works employees will be responsible for collection. Fridays will be recycling day, and Moline has hired a company to do that.