Moline Police Officers Help Drivers Deal with I-74 Detour

Mar 18, 2019

As drivers get used to the I-74 detour in Moline, more police officers are making sure traffic runs as smoothly as possible. Today is the first day Iowa-bound I-74 is closed to allow expanding it to three lanes, along with building ramps and connecting it to the new bridge over the Mississippi River.

Moline Police Detective Jon Leach (file)
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Detective Jon Leach says officers want to help everyone get where they're going safely.

He's asking drivers to leave early and be patient.

Even with the 19th Street detour from Avenue of the Cities to River Drive, there could be added problems with congestion due to flooding on River Drive.

And people might get frustrated trying to get to the River Drive on-ramp. Train traffic may also cause delays.

Extra officers will be on duty during peak traffic periods in the morning and late afternoon and evening.

Detective Leach also says when fender-benders happen, drivers should not stop in the middle of a busy street or highway. They should pull over or turn onto a side street.

Troopers from Illinois State Police District Seven in East Moline have also offered to help Moline officers if needed.