Modern Safety And Lighting For Modern Woodman Park

Mar 20, 2017

Credit Quad City River Bandits

When baseball season starts, fans at River Bandits games will have a brighter and safer view. New LED lights and in-field netting are being installed at Modern Woodman Park.


Owner Dave Heller says the improvements will create a better baseball experience.

"We pride ourselves on our ballpark being the safest, most secure place in the country, in terms of being able to watch baseball."

Local lighting manufacturer Musco is building and will install the stadium's new lights. Heller says they're energy efficient and will reduce light pollution during games. He also says the new netting will protect fans sitting along the baselines from foul balls.

"Everybody who has a ticket for a seat in the ballpark is going to be protected, and the netting enables us to offer enhanced safety and security, and that's something I think every parent is going to feel pretty good about."

Heller says the upgrades will cost about $350,000.

Another change is the addition of four new ticket windows.

The River Bandits will open their season at home on April 6.