Mississippi River Flooding Covers Parts Of Davenport

May 29, 2017

Thanks to heavy rain upstream in recent weeks, there is minor to moderate flooding along the Mississippi River.

The river was almost two feet over flood stage Tuesday morning in the Quad Cities. It's expected to crest half a foot higher by Wednesday before beginning to fall on Friday. 

Credit Island is closed as a result of the flooding, as is the riverfront bike path between Marquette Street and Credit Island. Water is now covering parts of LeClaire Park in downtown Davenport, but Modern Woodmen Park remains open.

In Dubuque, the river has already crested two feet above flood stage. It will stay at that level before beginning to fall on Wednesday.

In Clinton, the river is expected to rise another half a foot to crest two feet over flood stage on Wednesday.

And at Muscatine, the Mississippi will rise a foot to crest three feet above flood stage.

National Weather Service flood outlooks for (clockwise from top left) the Quad Cities, Dubuque, Muscatine and Clinton. (As of the morning of May 30)
Credit National Weather Service