Mississippi Going Even Higher

Mar 29, 2019

Already at a high level, the Mississippi River is expected to reach even higher levels by late next week.

The National Weather Service says the river is already 2 feet over flood stage Friday in Dubuque, and should rise 3 more feet by next Friday. A rise of 3 feet is also forecast for Clinton where the river is 1 foot over flood stage Friday.

In the Quad Cities, the Mississippi has been holding at about 3 feet over flood stage for a week or so. It should start rising this weekend and go up to 4 1/2 feet over flood stage through next Friday.

And downstream at Muscatine, the river is already 4 feet over flood stage, and it should rise about 1 foot during the coming week. 

The good news is the Rock River continues to fall - it's now 2 feet over flood stage in Joslin and less than a foot over flood stage in Moline.