Mississippi Crest Heading Toward QC

Apr 5, 2019

The next crest of the Mississippi River is heading our way. 

Friday the National Weather Service reports the river is cresting in Dubuque at 5.6 feet over flood stage. And it's expected to start falling slowly and drop 2 1/2 feet through next Friday. 

In Clinton the river is 4.3 feet over flood stage Friday. A crest at 5 feet over, is forecast for Sunday and Monday.

The Mississippi has reached 5 feet over flood stage in the Quad Cities, with an expected crest on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday about half a foot higher (20.4). It's also 5 feet over flood stage in Muscatine, and will probably go up another foot through Tuesday and Wednesday.

The crest forecast for the Quad Cities at Lock and Dam 15 would be the 8th highest - three-tenths of a foot below the 7th highest which occurred in 2011.