Mississippi Crest Forecast Goes Up a Lot

Apr 29, 2019

Thanks to some weekend rain, here and up north, the forecast for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has been raised by more than a foot. 

On Friday, the National Weather Service predicted the river would crest Monday and Tuesday at 5.5 feet over flood stage. But now it's expected to reach 7 feet over flood stage Tuesday and Wednesday. That would tie the 4th highest all-time high level in the Quad Cities that dates back to 1868.

At Dubuque, the Mississippi crested Saturday and Sunday at 6.2 feet over flood stage, the 4th highest ever, and has since dropped about two-tenths of a foot.

The river is still rising at Fulton - currently it's at 5.5 feet over flood stage and should reach 6 feet over Tuesday and Wednesday, which would also be the 4th highest ever at that location.