Middle Class Needs Persuasion to Give

Jan 2, 2019

People who raise money for nonprofits and foundations are facing new challenges.

Michelle O'Neill reports one expert says a new, federal tax law is a big cause for concern.

Stacy Palmer, Editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Credit https://goo.gl/5vRB3s / Philanthropy.com

Stacy Palmer, Editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, says overall, charitable contributions have been increasing, from low income earners and those on the high end. But middle income earners are the group that's giving less. 

That's a problem because nonprofits need a broad base of support for stability and growth. 

In addition, Palmer says charities are worried 2018 giving will decrease by millions of dollars because of the new tax law.

Other challenges nonprofits face include adapting to new technology, such as how to protect donor information from cyber-attacks.