Mayor Removes 4 Davenport Civil Rights Commissioners

Apr 16, 2019

Former members of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission
Credit / City of Davenport, Iowa

The Mayor of Davenport has removed four members of the city's Civil Rights Commission. Mayor Frank Klipsch says he sent letters and email messages (see below) to Nicole Bribriesco-Ledger, Shylee Garrett, Judy Shawver, and Benjamin Hahn.

Mayor Frank Klipsch (file)
Credit submitted / City of Davenport, Iowa

He says the decision to remove the appointed commissioners had to be made after they refused to respect Iowa and Davenport laws by not "seating" new commissioners appointed by the mayor and ratified by the city council.

Currently, Klipsch isn't sure how many cases are pending before the Davenport Civil Rights Commission. But he says any cases would be in jeopardy because three members' terms have expired which strips the group of its authority.

The Davenport Civil Rights Commission has seven seats, and now only three are filled which is not enough for a quorum. The mayor plans to review letters of interest from volunteers and select new members for aldermen to consider at a city council meeting later this spring.

04152019 Civil Rights Commissioner Letter by Michelle O'Neill on Scribd