Lumber Kings Offer Final Curbside Concessions

Oct 16, 2020

As a sort of grand finale to a season without minor league baseball, the Clinton Lumber Kings on Friday will hold one last "curbside concessions." Ballpark food that would have been for sale during Midwest League games at NelsonCorp Field will be available from noon until 6 pm.

General Manager Ted Tornow says he's tried to make up for the COVID canceled season by hosting concerts, political rallies, and graduation and retirement parties. But they haven't made up for his team's usual economic impact of about 6.5 million dollars per year.

"That economic impact was gone, and as much as every body else in the area as well, especially the seasonal jobs. We haven't even come close - we're single digits of what we normally would do."

Normally the Lumber Kings have five full-time employees and 100-125 part-timers. 

During the first curbside concessions in the spring, as many as 300 cars came to the stadium in Clinton to buy sandwiches, nachos, and drinks.

As for next year, Tornow is confident there will be "some sort of organized baseball" in Clinton, he's just not sure if it will be the Midwest League, including an affiliation with a major league team.