Illinois QC Results

Nov 7, 2018

In one of Illinois' most expensive legislative races, Neil Anderson won re-election to the Illinois Senate. In District 36 which includes Rock Island, Henry, Whiteside, and Carroll counties, the incumbent republican from Andulusia ended with 51 per cent of the vote to 49 per cent for democrat Gregg Johnson from East Moline. 

The difference was just 13-hundred votes out of 76,000 cast. 

Two incumbent members of the Illinois House have kept their seats. Tuesday residents of northwest Illinois re-elected republican Tony McCombie from Savanna in District 71, and democrat Mike Halpin from Rock Island in District 72.

McCombie easily defeated Joan Padilla 59 to 41 per cent.

And Halpin beat republican Glen Evans 62 to 38 per cent. 

 Democrats have gained a seat on the Rock Island County board. Tuesday, voters re-elected 6 incumbent democrats, elected democrats in 3 "open" districts, and defeated a republican member of the board.

Republican Mike Steffen in District 12 lost to his democratic challenger David Adams (54 to 46 %).

The board will now have 18 democrats and 7 republicans.