I-74 Bridge Construction Re-Routes Channel Cat

Jul 13, 2017

Beginning Monday, the Channel Cat Water Taxi will travel along a new route to accommodate construction of the I-74 bridge.

Jennifer Garrity from MetroLink says from John Deere Commons, the Channel Cat will retrace its path back around the Arsenal, before heading into the main channel and ending up at the Riverbend Commons dock.

This will add about 10 minutes to the trip.

"We'll just have to be flexible and adjust as necessary over the next three to four years as the bridge construction continues," Garrity says. "It's obviously a great, exciting project for the community. Hopefully people on board the Channel Cat will get an up-close view of some of the construction activities."

Garrity says MetroLink has worked with the Iowa DOT and Coast Guard to make sure they can maintain the Channel Cat service in the safest way possible during construction.

This summer, construction crews are beginning to place silt screens on the Illinois side of the riverfront.