Hubbell-Reynolds Final Debate

Oct 21, 2018

It all boils down to whether you think Iowa is in great shape, or whether major changes are needed. That's according to the candidates for governor during a debate in Davenport on Sunday. Herb Trix reports. 

Questions from a media panel covered taxes, abortion, immigration, education, and health care.

As the incumbent, republican Kim Reynolds pointed to what's going well for the state right now - low unemployment and lower taxes.

"I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th to build on the success that we've seen, to keep this economy growing."

While democrat Fred Hubbell, as the challenger, focused on what needs to be fixed. 

"The economy is working for big companies and wealthy individuals but it's not working for the working class or everyday Iowans. We need to build an economy that works for everybody."

It was the third and final debate between the two leading up to election day in just two  weeks.