Hubbell Focuses on Economy

Dec 8, 2017

One of the democratic candidates for governor will kickoff a statewide tour this weekend in eastern Iowa. Starting in Iowa City on Sunday, Fred Hubbell plans to hold 14 stops, over four days, focused on the economy.

He'll meet with local leaders and entrepreneurs, visit businesses and job training facilities, and talk about the importance of investing in local communities. 

After a visit to Little Village Magazine in Iowa City Sunday morning (11 am), Hubbell will travel to Eldridge and meet with local supporters in the Community Center at 2:30 pm. And  end the day with a similar stop in Keokuk (6 pm Hawkeye Restaurant).

On Monday, he plans to talk about boosting the state's economy in Cedar Rapids, in Baldwin at Tabor Home Vineyards and Winery (12 noon), and in Dubuque at 3 pm at the Fountain of Youth job training program.