The Heights of the Era music festival in July

Apr 23, 2021

"More than 12 hours of carefree, nostalgic bliss for our community." That's the goal of a new music festival that'll be held this summer in the Quad Cities.

Called "The Heights of the Era," it'll be held in July in the Village of East Davenport's Lindsay Park. One of the founders, Michelle Solis Russell, says the all-day event will be held on the same day as the Bix-7, July 24th, and feature Dixieland Jazz, Bluegrass, Traditional Irish, and barbershop music.

WVIK's Jay Pearce at Friday's announcement.
Credit Jared Johnson

"What we are hoping to accomplish is a great gift to our community, that inspires coming together, all-inclusive, and camaraderie, after a year that's really been impactful to all of us."

Russell says the festival will start with barbershop quartets along the Bix-7 route, then move to Lindsay Park, in the village for brunch, and music until 10:30 pm. Performers will come from New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Cincinnati, and the common thread she says will be "a nostalgic 1920's sound and feeling."

WVIK will broadcast live, all day, from the festival.