Gillibrand Campaigns in QC

Mar 19, 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand at the Barrel House in Davenport.
Credit WVIK News

She is the one who can beat Donald Trump. That's what Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand told a standing room only crowd Tuesday night in a downtown Davenport bar. 

The US Senator from New York says she won her first elections to Congress by fearlessly taking on incumbent Republicans in so-called "safe" districts. And that's what she'll do next year against Donald Trump.

"I've been brave. I've always been brave. As a Congress member from New York I was brave enough to stand up to the banks and voted against the bailout twice. I was brave enough to stand up to the Pentagon and not only repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell," but take on sexual assault in the military."

As a parent of two children, Gillibrand is horrified by the administration's immigration policies, calling the separation of families at the border one of the most immoral things the President has done.  

And along with immigration reform, she promised to transition the US to a single-payer health care system. 

Following stops Tuesday in Dubuque and the Quad Cities, Gillibrand will visit Muscatine and Burlington Wednesday, then hold a town hall meeting that night in Des Moines.