The Gathering of the Green

Mar 21, 2018

Rare tractors on display at The Gathering of the Green
Credit Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

Tractor enthusiasts gather to celebrate 100 years of John Deere and get to know some folks. This week the River Center is hosting "The gathering of the green" a convention dedicated to historical John Deere tractors. For the next few days convention will host Tours, workshops, vendors, and of course tractors.

Tony Knobbe, chairmen of the event, says getting everything in the center and set up, was no small task. Among the items he's showing, is a full size running windmill. It took twelve men to put the thing upright. 

The first Gathering of the green has been going on since 2000. This year they're expecting three thousand people, 46 states and 7 countries will be represented.

Marvin Ruckmon and his grandson Marshall O'Bannon traveled here from West Virginia to see the tractors and take the classes. "It's like one big family, when you come over here you feel like you know everybody even though you've never met a single person from the state". 

The Gathering of the Green starts today and goes through Saturday at the River Center in Davenport.