Gamers Excited for "Farming Simulator" Update

Jan 8, 2019

Screenshot of a YouTube video revealing the reactions of gamers to John Deere equipment finally being featured in the game (see below for the full, hilarious video)
Credit / Farming Simulator YouTube channel

(Please note: This radio feature was originally broadcast on WVIK FM on 6/29/2018 but was not posted on the web at the time.)

This month (June, 2018), a group of gamers collectively held their breath, waiting to find out what'll be new in their favorite videogame.

Michelle O'Neill reports players from all over the world were thrilled with the big reveal in a YouTube trailer for the next version of "Farming Simulator."

A company based in Germany called, GIANTS Software developed Farming Simulator, which for the first time will feature John Deere agricultural equipment. This video trailer features an 8400 series tractor.

PR and Marketing Manager, Martin Rabl, says fans of the game have been asking for John Deere equipment for a long time. But it takes a long time to persuade large manufacturers to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.

GIANTS Software worked with Deere to make sure Farming Simulator 19 gets all the details right, from appearance to performance down on the virtual farm.

Later this summer, Rabl says the company will reveal what other John Deere machines will be featured in the updated version.

GIANTS Software will release "Farming Simulator 19" in the fall.