The Future of Avenue of the Cities

Oct 24, 2018

Avenue of the Cities in Moline, near 25th Street.
Credit WVIK News

Moline residents can help plan the future of one of their busiest streets. On Thursday the city will hold a Public Workshop on ways to "improve the safety, appearance, and function of Avenue of the Cities."

City Planner, Jeff Anderson says this has been a goal of the city council for several years, and it's now possible thanks to a state grant.

"The avenue has a lot going for it in terms of high traffic counts, solid high density residential neighborhoods surrounding it, and commercial activity up and down the corridor. And we want to make sure that continues to be the case."

Anderson says Avenue of the Cities is not just one homogeneous corridor through Moline.

"There are really several distinct segments of the Avenue of the Cities with their own unique character, their own unique opportunities and potential. And that's one of the things we're trying to dig a little deeper into to find out what fits in each segment."

Thanks to the state grant the city has hired a consultant from Chicago, Ratio Design, with experts on urban planning, architecture, transportation, and economic development. 

The Public Workshop will be held Thursday at the Moline Library from 5:30 to 7 pm.