Friday, November 3, 2017

Nov 3, 2017

News headlines for the morning of November 3, 2017

  • East Moline is reminding its residents about the dangers of lead in drinking water. That follows test results showing more than 10 percent of the homes checked this year had elevated levels in their water. 
  • A Johnson County judge says he'll decide next week how to proceed with a defendant's claim of immunity under Iowa's new "stand your ground" law.
  • A Republican who wants to challenge Governor Bruce Rauner in next year's primary says Chicago is on its own in stopping gun violence.
  • October was warmer and wetter than normal in the Quad Cities and eastern Iowa. Figures from the National Weather Service show average temperatures ranged from 2 to 4 degrees above normal. In the Quad Cities for example, the normal temperature for the month is 53 degrees, while the average this year was 57.3. Precipitation in October ranged from 1 to 3.5 inches above normal for the month. The official total for the Quad Cities was 6.1 inches - nearly double the 3 inches we receive in a normal October here. Rainfall in Dubuque totaled 6.2 inches versus 3.5 in a normal year.