Flood Insurance Now Costs Less in Davenport

Oct 12, 2020

Davenport residents who buy flood insurance are now paying a lower rate. The National Flood Insurance Program has approved a change in the city's community rating. 

Laura Berkley, Davenport's Development and Planning Administrator and Floodplain Manager
Credit City of Davenport, Iowa

Laura Berkley is Davenport's Development and Planning Administrator and Floodplain Manager.

She says over the last year, city staff has been working to earn a lower rating.

And those who buy flood insurance will save 15% on annual premiums compared to 10% before October 1st. 

Berkley says Davenport's Community Rating System is reviewed once every five years for improvements in stormwater management, open space preservation, technical assistance, education, outreach, and mapping. 

NFIP CRS maps for regions 7 and 5
Credit National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System has ten classes, but Berkley says very few cities have reached the Class 1 level with a 45% discount on annual premiums.

For example, Ottawa, IL has earned a class two rating featuring a 40% discount. 

Davenport's rating is now the same as Rock Island County's, Class 7.