First Blizzard Not A Sign Of What's To Come, Says Weather Service

Nov 27, 2018

While Sunday's blizzard ranks as one of the worst November storms in the Quad Cities, the National Weather Service says it's not a sign this winter will be severe.

Meterologist Tim Gross, of the Quad Cities office of the National Weather Service, says this storm cannot help predict what the weather will be like.

"For the outlook for the Quad Cities for this winter, we're looking at temperatures near to above normal, when you average out the months of December, January, and February. We're expecting near normal precipitation for those three months."

The storm broke the record for the highest one day snowfall for the month of November, with 13.3 inches of snow. Gross says the previous recored was 8.4 inches back in 1975. The total storm accumulation was 13.8.He says we typically get three to four big storms with snowfall of 6 inches or more. And this was just the first for the season, even though it's still officially autumn.

Later this week, we can expect rain on Saturday, and then rain and snow on Monday.