Endangered Black Hawk Statue

Apr 23, 2015

One of the most iconic statues in Illinois is in trouble. The preservation group, Landmarks Illinois, is calling attention to the deteriorating condition of the Blackhawk Statue in Ogle County.

In Lowden State Park, in Ogle County, Illinois
Credit Landmarks Illinois

The nearly 50-foot tall concrete figure, in Lowden State Park, depicts the famous leader of the Sauk tribe. Dedicated in 1911, the years have taken a toll.

Landmarks Illinois president, Bonnie McDonald, says the statue will require over $800,000 to restore but it's necessary to preserve its history. 

State budget cuts have delayed the work by at least another year.

Landmarks Illinois' annual listing of the Most Endangered Historic Places also includes the Ziock Building in Rockford. The former office building at one time served as the headquarters of the Amerock Company. It could qualify for state tax credits as part of the River Edge Redevelopment Program, but the program is set to expire in 2017.