Deere Sues Company It Tried to Buy

Jun 7, 2018

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John Deere is taking two companies to court, saying they are using patented inventions in their products.

Michelle O'Neill reports there 's some history among the companies involved.

This month in a Delaware federal court, Deere and Company filed a complaint against Precision Planting and its parent company, AGCO. It claims they have infringed on twelve John Deere patents.

Deere says the patents are related to technology it developed for its line of planters called, "Exact Emerge." The company claims it's been "damaged" and will continue to suffer if the infringement continues. Deere also says Precision Planting violates its patents in V-Set seed meters and Speed Tube products.

Three years ago, Deere announced it planned to buy Precision Planting from Monsanto, and another subsidiary, Climate Corporation. But Monsanto called it off about a year ago, after the US Justice Department tried to block the sale in court. The government said it would have created a monopoly in the market for high-speed precision planting systems.

Precision Planting is based in Tremont, Illinois while AGCO's North American headquarters is located in Duluth, Georgia. One of AGCO's brands is Massey-Ferguson.