Davenport Snow Plan Refresher

Jan 12, 2021

While we wait for the next winter storm, the city of Davenport wants to remind residents about its snow plan, and to be patient if it takes a while to plow their street.

Davenport snow routes
Credit City of Davenport

Public Works Director Nicole Gleason says after a relatively calm winter last year, everyone was taken by surprise by the recent storm that featured snow, sleet, rain, ice, and more snow.

"As an example, were getting hundreds of residential phone calls five hours after the snow had stopped. There's no reasonable way we can plow 1,300 lane miles of streets in five hours, right ?"


If you have questions, she recommends checking online first before calling the city.

"We do post regular updates during an event to our website and those updates will tell residents like "right now we are only in emergency snow routes" so they kind of have a level of service expectation."

During a snow storm, the Davenport Public Works Department uses two teams, alternating 12 hour shifts, and more than 40 pieces of equipment, from large plows and motor graders to small pickup trucks that are used to clean narrow streets and cul de sacs.