Davenport Responds as River Flows into Downtown

Apr 2, 2019

Davenport River Drive detour map
Credit submitted / City of Davenport, Iowa

Davenport Public Works employees continue to follow the city's flood plan, closing streets and buildings as the Mississippi River rises.

Nicole Gleason, Davenport Public Works Director & Assistant City Administrator
Credit submitted / City of Davenport, Iowa

Nicole Gleason, Public Works Director, says River Drive at Rockingham Road will probably be closed tomorrow.

In addition, Union Station is closed, and River's Edge will be closed very soon because the parking lot will be completely inundated.

And the Freight House Farmer's Market will not be open this Saturday.

The Davenport Compost Facility will close tomorrow afternoon. Large loads of yard waste may be taken to the Scott Area Landfill near Buffalo. 

Residents and business owners may continue to pick up sandbags at 232 South Marquette at in the rear. Gleason says most people affected by the high water are familiar with what to do. Some of them have pumps they'll start running, and one business has even bought Hesco baskets to fill with sand and make its own levee.

Davenport's Credit Island
Credit submitted / City of Davenport, Iowa

Davenport's Credit Island is already closed, but employees had to board up the lodge windows to prevent debris from breaking them.

The River Bandits will play in Burlington on Thursday and Friday instead of Modern Woodmen Park.

After this weekend, Gleason says they'll decide whether to host games during the Bandits' next scheduled homestand.