Davenport Republicans Caucus For President Trump

Feb 3, 2020

Republican voters at one caucus site in Davenport supported Donald Trump almost unanimously.

At Central High School, Rob Edel, said the energy was high and the turnout was pretty good for a year when their party has the White House.

"I'm actually a poll reporter so I'll take all the information from all these precincts. We got it electronic finally, so we got an app that we will put all the information and report it up. It will all go up to the state party headquarters and they will release to all the news media outlets what the results are for the state." 

Fellow Republican Mark Miller says four years ago he was the only one who showed up in his precinct, but last night 11 people showed up to support the President.

"Well I think people knew there were other people running, but everyone here tonight, I think, is supporting President Trump." 

There was some opposition but not much - one Republican caucused for William Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts.