Davenport Begins Good Neighbor Project

Jan 15, 2020

Davenport hopes a successful program to reduce crime in Madison, Wisconsin, will do the same here. Wednesday it announced the beginning of the Good Neighbor Project - a joint project of the police department and city staff.

Wendy Reichel helped start the Good Neighbor Project in Madison following a series of break-ins in her neighborhood. The thieves were caught, but her group decided to continue meeting, and continue their community safety program.

Wendy Reichel helped start the Good Neighbor Project in her neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin
Credit WVIK News

"Our neighborhood continues to have crime issues from time to time since we started the group five years ago, but the difference is when it happens, we don't panic now. Because many of our neighbors know each other now and we know so many people on our police deparment and so many people in our community who can help us and support us."

The key she says is when people know each other, there's a stronger sense of belonging, and that makes the neighborhood safer. 

Nevada Lemke, from Davenport's Community Planning and Economic Development Department, says the city website has information on how to join the Good Neighbor Project.

One suggestion is to practice what's called the Nine House Model - get to know who lives on either side of you, the people living in three homes across the street, and the people who live in three homes behind you. Then hold neighborhood meetings and learn about personal safety and crime prevention.