COVID & the Arts: QC Hive

Apr 7, 2020

Credit QC Hive

There's big buzz for a new group helping those hurt from closures, including out-of-work musicians, bar, and restaurant workers.

As people stay indoors to slow the coronavirus spread, there's a new Facebook group working to help those financially hurt by the crisis. Don Gustofson, of Davenport, bassist in the Q-C band Funktastic Five, formed QC HIVE on March 23rd. In its first week, it grew to more than 3,200 members and raised $2,200 for three businesses and four individuals.

"So in the music community there's a bit of a panic right now, and I just felt really helpless as to how I could help everyone."

Gustofson - who's assistant music director at Davenport's St. Paul Lutheran Church, and teaches private piano, guitar, and bass lessons - makes a living as a full-time musician, including as a member of a couple of acoustic duos, and says he's doing OK money-wise. His wife, Colleen, teaches in the St. Ambrose graduate public health program.

And there are people he knows personally who have no income.

"That's where the idea came from. It's such a big community here and such a giving community here, if we had enough people collecting for one person or one business a day, we could reach out a helping hand and pull them up."

He chose the name "Hive" because thousands of bees work toward one goal. 

Nick Vasquez
Credit QC Hive

Each day, Gustofson picks one musician, bar or restaurant, and asks people to donate at least $1 for them, and share it on Facebook. So far, QC Hive has helped Gypsy Highway, Randy Leasman, Duey's Corner Tap, Freddy Allen, Think & Drink Entertainment, Chuck Murphy, Josh Duffee, The Diner and Nick Vasquez. 

Some bars and restaurants are giving what's raised to their employees. And Gustofson wants to keep building the buzz, ideally to help both a business and person each day.

"Together we are many, and we can help one."

On Facebook, look for the group QC Hive.