COVID-19: "We Know It's Hard, But Please Stay Home"

Apr 6, 2020

Now is not the time to become complacent about staying home to help save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Herb Trix reports. 

Ed Rivers, Director of the Scott County Health Department, says you can't catch or spread COVID-19 if you stay home. 

Credit CDC Facebook / Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Nita Ludwig, Administrator of the Rock Island County Health Department, says people taking care of someone who's sick need to know how to protect themselves and others in the household.

In addition, she says it's important to clean first, then disinfect by following the product's instructions.

Frequently, that includes making sure surfaces and other items are wet for ten minutes. Also, don't forget to vacuum, clean soft surfaces, and do laundry. 

More information is HERE and below.

Disinfecting Your Home by Michelle O'Neill on Scribd