Courthouse Eligible for National Register

Nov 15, 2017

the Rock Island County courthouse
Credit WVIK News

Despite its age and condition, the Rock Island County courthouse should be saved. That's according to the Rock Island Preservation Society which says it's eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Society member Diane Oestreich says a preliminary assessment shows the courthouse matches criteria for the National Register.

"And when they looked at the pictures, they said 'yes.' Despite the loss of the roof structure it still retains enough significance to be listed for the category of historic importance."

And being eligible, she says, means there could be a way to pay for renovations - a public-private partnership could qualify for 20 per cent tax credits.

"Quite frankly, it still looks pretty darn good. It is in surprisingly good condition despite claims otherwise. There are many issues but it's part of the problem of age. And even this new building will have these same problems in 25 or 30 years."

Oestreich hopes eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places will help convince members of the county board to save the courthouse.