Coordinated Cancer Care Program in Quad Cities

Mar 11, 2019

A new cancer care program is underway in the Quad Cities. On Monday, Genesis Health System announced an expansion of its cancer services.

Joel Moore, manager of the Genesis Cancer Care Institute, says they noticed their patients leaving the area for cancer treatment and wanted to change that.

"We here at Genesis can provide that same care using the same guidelines, same treatment machines, same modalities, same genetic counselling and research, same clinical trials that they can get outside of the area, but yet they're here at home where their support group is surrounding them when they need a ride or when they need extra care when they're in the middle of treatment."

In January, Genesis hired three full time oncologists to improve communication, facilitate medical records, and to help with overall care coordination.

"So, we now have this full array so patients are responding and providing feedback that the care is now enhanced and more comprehensive than it has ever been."

Moore says that Genesis can now offer financial and medical support to people with cancer thanks to the new model of care and new staff.