Coalition Helps Clinton County During Pandemic

Apr 8, 2020

For the first time since it was founded nine years ago, the Disaster Recovery Coalition of Clinton County has been activated because of the pandemic. Contributions are being accepted, and the group will start going over applications next week.

Coalition President Regan Michaelsen is also the director of  Information, Referral, and Assistance Services, and it's beginning to feel the impact.

 "We are now starting to get phone calls from people who are needing help with rent and utilities because they're off work - either being laid off or because they have to stay at home because their kids are at home. We're starting to get regular calls for that request and I expect to see that grow in the coming weeks."

And she says the funds raised will be spent in Clinton County. Coalition members include the United Way, Red Cross, Community Health Care, Emergency Management Agency, Clinton Housing Authority, and RSVP.

Contributions for the Disaster Recovery Coalition of Clinton County can be made by mail (DRCCC, Box 1681, Clinton, 53733-1681) or by going to the United Way website (