Clinton County Offers "WhereUVote"

May 16, 2018

With the Iowa primary less than three weeks away, there's help for residents of Clinton County who may not remember where to cast their ballots. The county is once again offering a free app called "WhereUVote."

County Auditor Eric Van Lancker says the app allows people to type in their address, then it tells them where their polling place is. 

"And it's really nice too because if you don't know where your polling location is, when you type in your address, it'll not only tell you where your polling location is, but it'll open up your map application on your mobile device and show you on that map where it is."

It also will tell people where they can vote absentee, and it works for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Van Lancker says Clinton County first started using WhereUVote for the 2016 general election, and he's only heard good reviews about it since then from local residents.

"Looking ahead to next year when in Iowa we'll have our first combined city and school election, that'll be a great help to folks to have this WhereUVote app because a lot of folks will experience that they may not go to their traditional polling locaion when we combine the city and school elections. "

The free app also be used to find the polling location of a friend or family member, just by typing in their address.  And for those who've signed up in the past, Where U Vote will be automatically updated for the Iowa primary.