Card Skimmers Found in Dubuque

Jul 26, 2018

This is how the sticker should look.
Credit Federal Trade Commission

Be careful when you buy gas for your car. That's the warning from police in Dubuque after a second, suspected card skimmer was discovered at a gas station in the city.

Skimmers are illegal devices attached to electronic payment terminals that steal the information from your credit or debit card.

Lieutenant Joe Messerich says the first skimmer was found at a gas station in Dubuque on July 11th, followed by the second last Monday (7/23). Sometimes skimmers are visible on the outside of a gas pump, but some thieves are able to hook them up inside.

"Most gas stations have some type of seal that they'll put on there so if someone does open that up it shows it's been tampered with. A lot of people fill up at the same corner gas station - know what the pumps normally look like and the employees should be looking for it too. If there's normally a sticker or a seal there, and that's been broken, then maybe it's time to talk to an employee before you put your card in there."

a visible card skimmer
Credit Federal Trade Commission

He does not know how long these two skimmers had been in operation, or if they'd recorded any information from gas station customers.. 

And along with being careful at the pump, Messerich says be sure to examine your bank and credit card statements for any suspicious transactions. 

More information on skimmers can be found here: