Campbell's Island Monument Being Restored

Sep 13, 2018

The Campbell's Island War Memorial

A local historical society has restored a monument on Campbell's Island, over 110 years after it was built. The obelisk commemorates a battle fought in East Moline during the War of 1812. In it, pro-British members of the Sauk tribe, led by Chief Black Hawk, attacked and defeated US soldiers, under the command of Lieutenant John Campbell.

The Daughters of the American Revolution organized the monument project, and member Susan McPeters wants more people to know about the battle.

"The monument is dedicated to those who died during the Battle of Campbell's Island, which is one of the weternmost battles during the War of 1812. Many people aren't aware that there was even any involvement in this area."

The Mary Little Deere Fort Armstrong Chapter of the D-A-R raised more than 17-thousand-dollars to restore the monument.

Peters says it's the only thing on Campbell's Island to remind people about the battle.

An eight-foot bronze relief sculpture depicting the battle

"So I would emphasize to people the importance of knowing the history of your area and what took place, and how important it is that we pass it along to future generations."

The Sauk victory enabled the tribe to continue to live in the Quad Cities area for another 20 years.

The Campbell's Island monument is 35 feet high and made of granite and concrete with bronze features. It was originally dedicated in 1908.